Telling A Story

When I first started photography in 2012 I wasn't really sure what direction I wanted to go in. So I tried some portrait work and began photographing some amazing local models. After a while I felt it got a bit repetitive and wasn't really getting anything out of it.

A friend of mine that I worked with was about to get married and hadn't hired (and wasn't planning on hiring) a photographer so I offered to cover the day for free. I instantly fell in love and so began my journey into wedding photography.

At first, I tried to cover the essentials and got used to how a wedding worked and what shots were needed. After a while - and after being a bride myself - I realised what was important and developed a style.

What makes a wedding? Is it standing in a line in formal groups - 1,2,3, smile! BLEUGH! Boring! Is it all those details you throw your money at? No. It's the genuine story of that ONE day where it's all about the two of you, and how you choose to celebrate it and who you celebrate it with.

Every wedding is so different. The personalities, the location, the weather, the light, the season. The story.

Here's the lovely Chris at his wedding in February 2017. His wife to be had bought him a watch set at their wedding time and wanted him to have it before the wedding. What a lovely moment to capture!

Here's Chris again just before marrying the gorgeous Stacey. One of my favourite images. I imagine the couple looking at these photos and all that emotion being brought back to them.

Samantha & Kieron - March 2017.

What an amazing wedding! Seeing each other for the first time, smiling after it's done, emotional speeches and partying with your friends.

Becky & Alex - August 2017.

Look at those smiles!

Tom & Lisa - August 2017

Everybody enjoying themselves - those moments are captured forever.

Don't get me wrong, a good pose now and again can be magic...

But nothing beats a good story....

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