Model FAQ

Q:  Do you collaborate (TF)? 

A: Yes I do, but only for the right job! If you would like to work with me on a TF basis, please do get in touch to discuss your ideas. 


Q: Do you work from a studio?

A: I have a home studio but am able to work on location. 


Q: How many images will I get? 

A: As editing is very time consuming, I do not use all of the images. The average shoot will result in around 5 images or more. 


Q: How long will it take for the images to be finished?

A: I try and get the edits done same day, but they can take anything up to a month or two. Please be patient and understand that paid work will have to take priority. 


Q: Who owns the images? 

A: I maintain the copyright but you are welcome to use them on your website or social media as long as I am credited. You do not have permission to sell them or to let companies use them for their advertising. 


Q: Can I bring merch companies have sent me?

A: Yes and no. Please discuss this with me before the shoot. 


Q: I manufacture clothing / jewellery , can I send you things for your models to wear? 

A: I'm usually pretty open to this depending on how good your product is. The more unusual / unique the better. 


Q: Can I sell prints?

A: My general rule is you can sell prints and keep what you make as long as I can do the same. 


Q: Can I submit our images to a magazine?

A: 95% of the time yes. Please discuss this with me before doing so.